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CR Product Guide 11 W h y n o t t ry... Pine nuts can be added to many meat crusts to add some texture to your dish Spices Blue Maw Poppy Seeds 1 x 3kg Blue Maw Poppy Seeds 6 x 650g Chilli Powder 6 x 500g Chinese Five Spice 6 x 500g Cinnamon Sticks 6 x 120g Crushed Chillies 6 x 400g Curry Powder 6 x 500g Five Peppercorn Mix 6 x 425g Garam Masala 6 x 450g Green Peppercorns 6 x 270g Ground Cardamom 6 x 500g Ground Cinnamon 6 x 450g Ground Cloves 6 x 500g Ground Coriander 6 x 450g Ground Cumin 6 x 450g Ground Ginger 6 x 500g Ground Mixed Spice 6 x 500g Ground Nutmeg 6 x 500g Ground Pimento/Allspice 6 x 500g Ground Turmeric 6 x 550g Juniper Berries 6 x 350g Leaf Gelatine 10 x 1kg Madras Curry Powder 1 x 2.5kg Medium Madras Curry Powder 6 x 500g Mild Korma Curry Powder 6 x 500g Paprika 6 x 500g Pinenut Kernels 6 x 550g Pink Peppercorns 6 x 270g Saffron Powder 12 x 1g Saffron Strands 6 x 1g Sesame Seeds 1 x 3kg Smoked Paprika 6 x 500g Sunflower Seeds 6 x 550g Sweet Paprika 6 x 500g Tandoori Spice 6 x 550g Vanilla Pods 6 x 100g Whole Black Mustard Seed 6 x 700g Whole Caraway Seeds 6 x 550g Whole Cardamom 6 x 400g Whole Cloves 6 x 400g Whole Coriander 6 x 300g Whole Cumin 6 x 400g Whole Fennel 6 x 400g Whole Nutmeg 6 x 600g Whole Sesame Seed 6 x 650g Whole Star Anise 6 x 190g Whole White Mustard Seed 6 x 700g Hints&Tips For spiced caramel, mix butter, rum, sugar, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel and juice with a teaspoon of Five Spice and heat until caramelised Juniper Berries

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