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CR Product Guide 17 Meats Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon 4 x 2.27kg 34-42 rashers per pack Cooked Gammon Ham Slices 15 x 500g Cooked Ham Slices 15 x 500g Cooked Silverside of Beef Slices 15 x 500g Cooked Traditional Wiltshire Gammon Slices 15 x 500g Cooked Turkey Breast Slices 15 x 500g Yellow Fats Cooking & Baking (packet) 40 x 250g 75% vegetable fat spread Cooking & Baking 6 x 2kg 70% vegetable fat spread Soft Spread 6 x 2kg 55% vegetable fat spread Sunflower Spread 6 x 2kg 59% vegetable fat spread Buttery Spread 6 x 2kg 60% vegetable fat spread made with buttermilk Hints&Tips Team any of our cooked sliced meats with our soft and crunchy Fully Baked Baguette for a tasty sandwich

CR Product Guide
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