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CR Product Guide 29 Easi-Dose system Degreaser (CRG1602) 2 x 2ltr Double Bracket (CRG1610) 1 Empty Trigger Bottles (CRG712) 6 x 750ml Glass Cleaner (CRG1603) 2 x 2ltr Labels (CRGLABELS) 1 Multi-Surface Cleaner (CRG1601) 2 x 2ltr Pelican Pump (CRG1620) 1 Sanitiser (CRG1604) 2 x 2ltr Single Bracket (CRG1611) 2 Floorcare Carpet Cleaner (CRG915) 2 x 5ltr Floor Polish - Fast-Acting (CRG937) 2 x 5ltr Floor Polish - High Sheen (CRG933) 2 x 5ltr Floor Polish Maintainer (CRG935) 2 x 5ltr Lemon Floor Gel (CRG829) 2 x 5ltr Housekeeping Air Freshener - Cranberry (CRG1027) 12 x 400ml Air Freshener - Lemon (CRG1026) 12 x 400ml Air Freshener - Pot Pourri (CRG1042) 12 x 400ml All Purpose Cleaner (CRG902) 2 x 5ltr All Purpose Polish (CRG919) 12 x 400ml Bleach (CRG988) 2 x 5ltr Thick Bleach (CRG911) 2 x 5ltr Wax-Free Furniture Polish (CRG708) 6 x 750ml Laundry Fabric Conditioner 2 x 5ltr Laundry Powder – Biological 1 x 6.8kg Laundry Powder – Dual Action with Fabric Conditioner 1 x 6.8kg Laundry Powder – Non Biological 1 x 6.8kg Refuse Sacks Dustbin Liners - in a dispenser box (147cm x 86cm) 1 x 100 Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks (147cm x 99cm) 1 x 200 Pedal Bin Liners – on a roll (89cm x 45cm) 10 x 200 Refuse Sacks - on a roll (147cm x 99cm) 4 x 100 Swing Bin Liners - on a roll (117cm x 76cm) 10 x 100 Non Food Products Professional Our Professional non-food range has been developed to maintain the highest professional hygiene standards and has been formulated for use generally throughout an establishment. Safety Data Sheets are available for all our non-foods products and can be downloaded from our website

CR Product Guide
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