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CR Product Guide 3 Cou ntry Ra nge products are as good, if not better, tha n a ny products out there but they’re cheaper so you get better value for money. There’s not one Cou ntry Ra nge product that I have ever been disappointed with. I’m surprised by how big the ra nge is. Care Home Our policies Our products do not contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients. All hydrogenated fats are to be removed from our products and shall not be used in the development of any new products. We’re working to meet the voluntary targets set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the sodium salt contents of specific foods by 2017. We are working with our suppliers who use palm oil towards sourcing this material from sustainable managed sources that do not cause such damage to the environment. We’re committed to meeting the FSA and Department of Health initiatives on reducing the nation’s intake of excessive sugars and fats. We’re committed to reducing the impact on the environment of excessive packaging for foods and non-foods so biodegradable or recyclable materials are used wherever possible on our products. Get involved If you’ve any questions or feedback on our products, we’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch Or if you’d like to show off your Country Range creations, be a part of our Inspiration Population on Twitter and Instagram @countryrangeuk #countryrange We use a lot of Cou ntry Ra nge products, from the battered fish to sponge mixes, oil, tinned tomatoes, sa uces a nd dressings. It really is great valu e whilst at the same time being great quality. School For more brand information and inspiration, including plenty of mouthwatering recipes and quirky tips on using store-cupboard staples, visit Student Chef Challenge We are honoured to be the lead sponsor of the Country Range Student Chef Challenge competition. Through collaborating with the Craft Guild of Chefs to run and raise the profile of the Country Range Student Chef Challenge, the aim is to work together to recognise the skills of student chefs, the lecturers and colleges across the regions and celebrate the exceptional culinary talents of the future of the UK and Irish hospitality industry. What is the Challenge? The Challenge targets teams of three full-time student chefs studying hospitality or catering college courses throughout the UK and Ireland and requires the preparation, cooking and presentation of a three-course, three-cover menu created around a given theme. For more information and details on how to enter, as well as lots of photos and videos from the Challenge - please visit The Cou ntry Ra nge Student Chef Challenge is a great opportu nity to showcase the amazing talents of the student chefs within our industry a nd help them gain vital experience in the competition arena.

CR Product Guide
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