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CR Product Guide 7 Biscuits Biscuits for Cheese 6 x 1kg Contains: Cornish Wafers, Cream Crackers, Multigrain Crackers, Wheatgerm Crackers, Wheatsheaf Digestives, Salt and Black Pepper Crackers, Chive Crackers, Poppy Snacks, Bran Crackers, Sesame Seed Crackers Bourbon Creams 12 x 150g Custard Creams 12 x 150g Digestives 20 x 400g Fruit Shorties 12 x 250g Ginger Nuts 12 x 250g Milk Chocolate Digestives 21 x 300g Rich Tea 20 x 300g Shorties 12 x 150g Sweet Biscuits 1 x 2kg An assortment of cream, jam, sweet, milk and plain chocolate biscuits Traditional Assorted Biscuits 4 x 400g Contains: Double Choc Chip Cookie, Shortcake, Fruit Shrewsbury, Viennese, Choc Chip Cookie, Golden Crunch Portion Control Assorted Biscuits 1 x 100 3 biscuits per pack. Contains: Digestive, Ginger Nuts, Fruit Shortcake, Rich Shorties, Bourbon Creams, Custard Creams mini packs Gingerbread Men Mini Pack Biscuits 1 x 80 3 biscuits per pack. mini packs Luxury Mini Pack Assorted Biscuits 1 x 100 2 biscuits per pack. Contains: Choc Chip Cookies, Fruit Shrewswbury, Shortcake, Ginger Biscuits mini packs You CAN catch me - from your local Country Range wholesaler!

CR Product Guide
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