Bring on the Brioche!

No self-respecting burger would dare to be seen in anything other than a brioche bun. With the trend for gourmet burgers showing no sign of waning, a similarly gourmet bun to encase it in is required!

1 Sep 2015 0

This month sees the addition of Brioche Buns into our le bon pain range.

A pastry which originated in France, the brioche is bread enriched with free-range eggs and butter to make it deliciously light and tasty.

They’re make a great breakfast bun (with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs) and are perfect for serving on-trend pulled pork and other pulled or barbecued meats.

Sliced and fully baked, with a shiny glaze to get your diners drooling, our 4.5″ Brioche Buns are frozen for convenience and defrost in approximately 1 hour.

  • Brioche Buns – 48 x 70g

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