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Country Range Bleach (CRG988) 5 ltr

Hero Jerrys, Housekeeping, Non Food, Non-Food

Bleach - efficiently disinfects and kills germs on all types of surfaces.

Please read the CoSHH sheet carefully before use, and follow all safety instructions.

Directions for Use: Toilets - pour neat around the bowl. Never use with other toilet cleaners. Urinals - pour neat into urinal and ensure it is flushed with water prior to use. Drains and sinks - pour neat directly into drain to destroy the organic waste that produces unpleasant odours. General cleaning – Use diluted - 20ml per litre of cold water for washing down all surfaces and equipment. Soaking - Use diluted - 20ml per litre of cold water. DO NOT USE NEAT ON CLOTHING OR MATERIALS. DO NOT USE WITH ACID BASED PRODUCTS AS TOXIC CHLORINE GAS MAY BE RELEASED.

Storage Instructions : Store in cool conditions away from direct sources of heat. Avoid extremes of temperature. Do not allow to freeze. Ensure the cap is tightly fitted after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack size: 2 x 5 ltr

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