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Country Range Catering Foil 450 mm x 75 mtrs

Hero Blocks/Boxes, Kitchen, Non Food, Non-Food

Roasting - Foil ensures that food is cooked more evenly and moisture and flavours are retained. The barrier quality of Country Range Foil minimises unwanted cooking colours.

Wrapping and storing - Wrapping food in advance keeps it fresh and hygienic and allows for greater flexibility in menu preparation. Cross contamination from unwrapped, stored foods is also avoided.

Freezing - Foil is easy to mould around food and its strength and thickness will keep food fresh and help prevent freezer burn.

Directions for Use: Pull 'Tear to Open' Strip. Lift lid to expose foil. Pull out foil to desired length and with a downward motion trail foil along the blade to cut. Use for cooking, storing, freezing and all around the kitchen. Oven temperatures, baking, grilling & roasting guidelines on pack too.

Storage Instructions : Store in a cool dry place away from direct heat & sunlight.

Pack size: 1 x 6 rolls

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