Flippin’ Fabulous

Unlike French crepes, American pancakes are fluffy and thick and ours are made with British Lion eggs for the perfect sponge texture.

1 Oct 2015 0

Frozen for convenience, they defrost in two to three hours and are suitable for vegetarians.
The breakfast day-part is becoming increasingly important for caterers with more and more diners choosing to eat breakfast out-of-home.

Offering plenty of choice is vital and American pancakes are extremely versatile and can be adapted in a number of ways:
· For a traditional all-American breakfast or weekend brunch, service with bacon and lashings of maple syrup
· Layer with fried egg and ham for a savoury treat
· For the health conscious, offer fresh fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries or blueberries served with natural yogurt
· Pancakes are great for dessert too, served with fruit and ice cream
· For chocolate fans, spread warmed Nutella over a stack of pancakes and top with chopped hazelnuts

  • American Style Pancakes 4.5″ – 120 x 45g (approximately)
    24 packs of 5 pancakes (makes a great plate stack!)

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