Chocolate Flavoured Soft Scoop Ice Cream

Chocolate Flavoured Soft Scoop Ice Cream

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Desserts | Frozen

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Outer Barcode: 05023616360202

Last Updated: 16-01-2019

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Nutrition - Typical per 100g

- of which saturates
- of which sugars


Suitable for a Vegetarian Diet
Suitable for a Vegan Diet
Suitable for Sufferers of Lactose Intolerance
Suitable for Coeliacs
Approved for a Halal Diet
Approved for a Kosher Diet


Contains GM Protein/DNA
Contains Celery
Contains Lupin
Contains Eggs
Contains Fish
Contains Soybeans
Contains Milk
Contains Mustard
Contains Peanuts
Contains Sesame Seeds
Contains Crustacea
Contains Molluscs
Contains Nuts
Contains Almonds
Contains Hazelnuts
Contains Walnuts
Contains Cashew Nuts
Contains Pecan Nuts
Contains Brazil Nuts
Contains Pistachio Nuts
Contains Macadamia Nuts
Contains Queensland Nuts
Contains Gluten
Contains Cereal
Contains Wheat
Conatins Rye
Contains Barley
Contains Oats
Contains Spelt
Contains Kamut
Contains Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites
Contains Artificial Antioxidants
Contains Artificial Colours
Contains Artificial Flavourings
Contains Artificial Flavour Enhancers
Contains Artificial Preservatives
Contains Artificial Sweeteners

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