Beef Lasagne

Prep Time


Cook Time

60 min




1 1 kg minced beef

300 300 g Country Range Lasagne sheets

2 2 tbsp Country Range Rapeseed Oil

360 360 g Country Range Mild Grated Cheddar

350 350 g Spanish onions

800 800 g Country Range Chopped Tomatoes

100 100 g Country Range Cooking and Baking Margarine

0.5 0.5 tsp Country Range Garlic Purée

0.5 0.5 tsp Country Range Tomato Paste

50 50 g carrots

1.5 1.5 tsp Country Range Dried Oregano

0.25 0.25 tsp granulated sugar

1 1 litre water

100 100 g Country Range Self Raising Flour

20 20 g Country Range Sunflower Spread

Multiply by
  • 1For the tomato sauce, finely chop 100g onions and fry in the margarine until soft.
  • 2Add the garlic purée, oregano and some salt and pepper and cook for 10 minutes.
  • 3Add the tomato purée, carrots, tinned tomatoes and sugar and simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Adjust seasoning if required.
  • 4Set aside the tomato sauce until later.
  • 5To make the white sauce, whisk the water and milk powder together and place into a jug.
  • 6Melt 20g sunflower spread in a thick bottomed pan.
  • 7Add the flour and stir vigorously until you get a smooth glossy paste.
  • 8Cook for a few minutes over a gentle heat without colouring.
  • 9Gradually add the milk mixture a little at a time, stirring vigorously each time until the mixture is smooth.
  • 10Once all the milk has been added, allow to simmer for approximately 5 minutes stirring frequently to ensure the sauce does not burn.
  • 11Once incorporated, remove from heat and add about half of the cheese, stir and allow to cool.
  • 12To build the lasagne, brown off the minced beef, remaining onions and carrots in a little vegetable oil.
  • 13Add the homemade tomato sauce and stir thoroughly until all the mix is fully coated.
  • 14In a large oven proof tray, add a layer of the meat and cover with lasagne sheets.
  • 15Add a thin layer of the white sauce and repeat for 2-3 layers or until all the mix is used.
  • 16Sprinkle the top of the lasagne with the remaining cheese and place into the oven.
  • 17Bake at Gas Mark 5 (190˚C) for approximately 25-30 minutes.
  • 18Hot hold for service. Cut into 20 portions per full size tin when it goes on service.