On the Range: Lough Neagh Dollaghan

Cooking with ingredients which have been grown or caught literally on your doorstep, is every chef’s dream – and a daily reality for Jim Mulholland, co-owner and head chef at No14 at the Georgian House in Comber, County Down.

Prep Time


Cook Time

2hr 20 mins




7575 ml Country Range White Cooking Wine

7575 g coarse salt

7575 g caster sugar

11 zest lime

11 zest lemon

11 zest orange

22 yolks Country Range Free Range Medium Eggs

11 pinch Country Range Smoked Paprika

2525 ml Country Range White Wine Vinegar

1515 g smoked anchovies

7575 ml rapeseed oil

11 pinch saffron

11 dolloghan (Trout)

22 ea Country Range Dried Bay Leaves

11 ea Country Range Whole Star Anise

11 tbsp Country Range Tomato Paste

2.52.5 ltr fish stock, refined

11 ea brown crab

11 ea celery stick

11 ea Carrot

22 ea garlic cloves

1/21/2 ea leek

1/21/2 ea onion

1/21/2 ea fennel bulb

2020 ml brandy

2020 ml sherry

Multiply by
  • 1Prepare the Dollaghan by de-boning the trout fillet, rinse under cold water and pat dry and leave to one side.
  • 2Mix the dry cure ingredients, together and rub onto the trout fillet, wrap tightly in cling film and leave to cure for up to two hours.
  • 3Add the brown crab to boiling salted water for 8-10 minutes or until cooked. Remove and refresh in cold water. Dissect the crab removing any crab meat and separating any waste.
  • 4To prepare the bouillabaisse, sweat off the chopped onion, fennel, leek, garlic and celery for 6-7 minutes. Add the brandy and sherry and reduce, add in the fish stock, crab shells and crab meat, bay leaf, star anise,
    and tomato paste and reduce for 2 hours.
  • 5Roast the tomatoes for 8-10 minutes, add to the bouillabaisse and reduce until a third of the liquid remains. Remove from the heat, purèe the mixture and pass through a fine sieve. When cool transfer into a plastic bottle and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  • 6To make the anchovy emulsion, beat the egg yolk with the white wine vinegar until slightly thickened. Pour in the rapeseed oil very slowly, continually whisking until an emulsion is formed.
  • 7Add the saffron, anchovies and smoked paprika and pulse in a blender until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve, transfer into a plastic bottle and chill.
  • 8Wash off the Dollaghan under cold water, and pat dry. Rub with a little oil, and sear with a blow torch for 1-2 minutes to finish.
  • 9Portion the dollaghan. Present on a plate. Add some of the crab sauce, anchovy emulsion and herring roe then garnish with a sea purslane.