Spiced Dark Chocolate Truffles

Prep Time


Cook Time

4.75 hours




150150 g Country Range Dark Chocolate Drops

150150 ml double cream

3030 g Country Range Salted Butter

1/81/8 tsp Country Range Ginger

1/81/8 tsp Country Range Cinnamon

44 ea Country Range Cardamon (seeds only)

2525 g Country Range Cocoa Powder

Multiply by
  • 1Heat the butter and cream until it simmers.
  • 2Remove from the heat and add the chocolate.
  • 3Add the cinnamon, ginger and crushed seeds of the cardamon.
  • 4Allow to go fully cold (about 4 hours).
  • 5Scoop a melon baller size piece of truffle mix and place onto a piece of parchment.
  • 6Each time warm the melon baller in hot water and keep scooping.
  • 7Lightly oil your ands and roll each scoop into a ball.
  • 8Coat in cocoa powder.
  • 9Eat and enjoy!