Sweet Banana Bagels

Prep Time


Cook Time

15 min


2 portions


1 1 sliced bagel

20 20 ml Country Range Pure Clear Honey

1 1 banana, sliced

30 30 g hazelnut spread

30 30 g peanut butter

Multiply by
  • 1Split the bagels in half and lay on a baking tray.
  • 2Slice a banana in to 1cm thick slices.
  • 3Spread the sliced bagel with with peanut butter or hazelnut spread.
  • 4Top the bagels with slices of banana.
  • 5Drizzle with a little runny honey.
  • 6Place under a hot grill and toast for 4-5 minutes.
  • 7Remove from the grill and enjoy as breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack.