Trifle Sundae

Prep Time


Cook Time

25 min


12 portions


450450 g Country Range Chocolate Sponge Mix

225225 ml cold water

For the raspberry compote:For the raspberry compote:

Country Range RTS Custard

Country Range Whipping Cream, whipped

grated chocolate

Country Range Glacé Cherries

Country Range Vanilla Ice Cream

Multiply by
  • 1Pre-heat oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. Place the chocolate sponge mix in a bowl fitted with whisk beaters. Blend in the water on slow speed for 1 minute, scrape down and mix on medium for 5 minutes. Pour into a shallow greased tin 25cm x 35cm (10" x 14") and bake for approximately 35 minutes.
  • 2Once cooled, cut the sponge into fingers and place in the bottom of a sundae glass.
  • 3Spoon the raspberry compote on top of the sponge.
  • 4Pipe or spoon the custard, layering it on top of the compote.
  • 5Spoon a ball of vanilla ice cream on top of the custard then repeat the process.
  • 6Pipe the whipped cream onto the ice cream and top with a glacé cherry.