Pistachio Mousse

Prep Time


Cook Time





500 500 g anglaise

60 60 g pistachio

12 12 g leaf gelatine

230 230 g white chocolate

600 600 g Country Range Whipping Cream

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  • 1Make a sauce anglaise.
  • 2Whilst sauce anglaise is hot add soaked and drained gelatin, make sure that this is fully incorporated before the next stage.
  • 3Use a whisk to mix in the pistachio paste, make sure this is mixed in well.
  • 4Pour the warm mixture on top of the chocolate, mix until fully mixed in. If all of the chocolate is not fully incorporated and the mix goes cold, gently reheat the mix but no warmer than 40°C.
  • 5When mix is cool, around 30°C, gently fold in the 1/3 of the whipped cream.
  • 6When fully mixed, add the 2nd 1/3 of cream, carefully gently folding into the mixture.
  • 7Lastly, add the remaining 1/3 of cream very carefully.
  • 8Spoon or pipe the mix into desired moulds, place in fridge or freezer until set.