Roast Saddle Of Rabbit Stuffed With Black Pudding

Prep Time


Cook Time





4 4 rabbit saddles, boned

8 8 oz black pudding

6 6 slices Serrano ham

150 150 ml Country Range Chicken Bouillon

50 50 ml sauce Vin Blanc

11 pinch Country Range Dried Tarragon

1 1 medium head of Savoy cabbage, chiffonaded and cooked

50 50 g bacon lardons

100 100 ml Country Range White Cooking Wine

25 25 g chicken glaze

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  • 1Place black pudding between the two rabbit fillets, roll saddle and cut away excess flap.
  • 2Rub butter on a sheet of tin foil, lay Serrano ham on top, place saddle at bottom of ham and roll, ensuring saddle is enclosed securely in the tin foil.
  • 3Deep fry in oil at 160°C for 4 minutes, remove from oil and place in oven at 180 degrees for approximately 8-10 minutes.
  • 4Remove from the tin foil place back in oven to brown slightly for 2-3 minutes, remove and rest.
  • 5While resting, heat the chicken bouillon, add sauce vin blanc and finish with tarragon.
  • 6Slice rabbit and arrange on top of champ and creamed cabbage, finish with the cafe au lait sauce.
  • 7Brown the bacon lardons and add cooked cabbbage.
  • 8Add white cooking wine and reduce by half.
  • 9Add chicken glaze and finish with cream, reduce and correct seasoning.
  • 10Boil sauce vin blank, add scallions and bring back to the boil.
  • 11Add warm pomme purée, mix well until you are happy with a tight consistency, correct seasoning.