Sticky Thai Coconut Rice with Mango

Prep Time


Cook Time

45 min


6 portions


500 500 g Country Range Round Grain Rice

400 400 ml Country Range Coconut Milk

3 3 tsp Country Range Whole Sesame Seeds

4 4 tbsp sugar

3 3 ripe mangoes

1/21/2 tsp salt

Multiply by
  • 1Soak the round grain rice in water for at least 3 hours before draining and rinsing thoroughly.
  • 2Use a folded piece of muslin to line a steamer and add the rice on top.
  • 3Place the steamer over boiling water and cook for 30 minutes, turning over once.
  • 4Remove the rice from the steamer and set to one side.
  • 5In a sauce pan, combine the coconut milk, sugar and salt.
  • 6Heat gently and stir until the sugar has fully dissolved.
  • 7Pour the sweet coconut mixture over the rice and stir through.
  • 8Peel and stone the mangoes and cut the flesh in to thin slices.
  • 9Add a good spoonful of the rice mix to a small bowl, top with slices of mango and a sprinkle of some toasted sesame seeds.