Supreme Chicken Tikka Stuffed Chapati

Prep Time


Cook Time

16 min


2 portions


7575 g Country Range Supreme Chicken Tikka

1 1 pinch Country Range Whole Coriander

1 1 pinch Country Range Whole Cumin

1 1 pinch Country Range Crushed Chillies

1010 ml Country Range Olive-Pomace Oil

22 chapatis

2525 g lime pickle

11 tomato

½ ½ red onion

1 1 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped ¼ lemon (juice)

Multiply by
  • 1Dice the tomato and onion.
  • 2Add the lemon juice, olive oil and chopped coriander.
  • 3Toast the seeds, crush and add to the tomatoes.
  • 4Season with a little salt.
  • 5Warm up the chapati and place the supreme chicken tikka in the middle.
  • 6Add a spoonful of lime pickle and some of the tomato mix.
  • 7Roll up and eat with some hot Country Range Basmati Rice.