The One Love Coronation Club Sandwich

Prep Time


Cook Time





6 6 tbsp Country Range Real Mayonnaise

2-3 2-3 tsp Country Range Mild Curry Powder, to taste

2 2 tbsp Country Range Mango Chutney

500 500 g tender cooked Country Range Chicken Breast Fillets

22 rashers Country Range Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon

3 3 slices white or brown bread slightly toasted

11 ripe sliced tomato

6 6 fresh lettuce leaves

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  • 1Mix the mayo, curry powder, mango chutney together in a bowl and season with black pepper.
  • 2Add the cooked chicken breast to the bowl and stir to fully coat the chicken in the sauce. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to enhance the flavour.
  • 3Take the toasted bread and layer only two slices of bread with the lettuce leaves and tomato slices, then add 125g of the marinated coronation chicken to one slice and the cooked bacon to the other. Using the marinade that’s left spread over the remaining piece of toast.
  • 4Stack and serve.