Student Chef Challenge

We are the lead sponsors of the key industry competition ‘The Country Range Student Chef Challenge’ run in conjunction with the Craft Guild of Chefs. We are committed to working with the Craft Guild of Chefs, colleges and lecturers to provide a platform for the next generation of chefs to build and showcase their culinary skills and gain invaluable experience within a well-established competition format.

“We are delighted to support this well-respected competition. It is important that students are given the opportunity to showcase their skills within the industry.  The Student Chef competition not only does this but, throughout the course of the competition, provides further support and development of their talent. We are excited to be working with the colleges, students and the Craft Guild of Chefs to build an even greater event.” – Coral Rose, Managing Director of Country Range Group

Challenge this year is to cook and present two portions of a three-course meal, this will consist of Canapes, Guineafowl main course and a tart with a crumble topping for dessert.

2021 – 2022 Challenge…


Three different types of smoked fish, four of each, twelve in total

Canapes must be modern in production and in presentation and each canape must weigh no more than 25gms each (could be weighed)

All canapes should be able to be picked up and eaten in one easy movement, the bases should be varied and homemade, I.E no spoons and no bought in shells/pastry cases

Guinea Fowl

Two portions from a whole bird, a portion must include Breast and leg meat, each must utilise a different cooking method,

A starch and at least three seasonal vegetable garnishes should accompany each portion, all parts of the bird must be used I.E bones for sauce and skin/fat if not required rendered down and made into a crisp or for cooking/sauté


Two portions, an individual tart with a sweet pastry base, filling of your choice and a crumble topping to be presented with a sauce or ice-cream. Fruit must be included either as a garnish or included in the sauce or ice-cream.


The 2020 Challenge Winners

The three culinary students – Chi-Hin Cheung, Talent Sibindi and Beth Disley-Jones – were under the tutelage of lecturer Ian Jaundoo and wowed the judges with their inventive menu, impressive skills and techniques and ability to stay calm under the watchful eyes of the live audience.

The theme for the prestigious Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2019/20 focused on how students can use classic techniques and skills to maximise the use of ingredients, whilst also reducing food waste.

The City of Liverpool College students’ menu was first scrutinised by Craft Guild of Chefs Chairman of Judges Chris Basten in December in a strict paper judging stage before the students were then tasked with recreating it in a live semi-final heat at the City of Glasgow College on 6th February 2020. After advancing through to the Live Grand Final, the team then competed against nine other teams from colleges around the UK and Ireland.

The City of Liverpool College winning menu consisted of:

  • Starter – Filets de Sole Bretonne with Beurre Blanc Sauce, Vegetable Julienne, Turned Mushroom and Lace Tuile
  • Main – Cajun Spiced Pork Medallion with Savoy Milanaise, Pork and Apple Croquette, Buttered Mash and Robert Sauce
  • Dessert – Lemon Tart with Sesame Sable, Italian Meringue, Lemon Gel and Raspberry Foam

Chi-Hin Cheung, part of the winning City of Liverpool College team, said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have won and I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. We weren’t expecting to win but I think it helped us in the end as it calmed the nerves and allowed us to focus on our tasks. Cooking in front of a live audience was daunting at first but as the final progressed, we all really embraced the support of the crowd and enjoyed the experience. It’s been a fantastic competition to be involved in and we’ve all learnt a lot. Whether that’s better time management, menu planning, teamwork or use of ingredients and flavours, we’ve all picked up skills along the way which will prepare us for a future career in the industry but winning is the cherry on top.”

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